Grant Design


It isn’t easy launching a business, and I know how much of yourself is put into creating a new business venture. That’s why I’m here to help you put your best foot forward.



Hi, I’m Aislinn.

I’m a brand strategist + freelance designer who helps business owners create meaningful brands and successful businesses. 

I believe that a home isn’t a home unless there are minimum 2 pets, and that tacos aren’t a taco unless they have an obscene amount of pico de gailo.

I’ve worked with everyone from amazing solopreneurs to organizations like TD and Westjet. That being said, my background in entrepreneurship means that I primarily work with startups and small businesses. There’s nothing more exciting (and overwhelming) than launching a business, and it just so happens that this is my sweet spot.

After undergoing my brand process, you will be crystal clear on what your brand is, what it is not, and who it is for. Beautiful, purposeful, strategic design is the baseline that will set you apart from competitors. Your hard work, product/service, and passion will be supported by the brand identity I work with you to create.

If numbers interest you, I have worked with over 100 small businesses and startups to launch their businesses through branding, design, and mentorship. Fusing great design with solid business strategy is the foundation of how I help people achieve their dreams and set them up for success. Supporting people as they navigate the murky waters of entrepreneurship and launching a business is at the core of why I do what I do, and is why I mentor students in business strategy and am a judge + pitch advisor at UofC and MRU.

In the summer you’ll most likely find me on the tennis courts, I love ALL the dogs, and I won’t turn down a good scotch. In the winter you’ll find me trying to convince someone to fund an indoor tennis court, so that I continue playing tennis without being a member of a tennis club. When I take a break from being behind the computer I’m likely strumming my guitar or walking my dog Scout - who loves chewing throw pillows in her spare time.