Grant Design


My bread and butter is branding and strategy. Yet, branding isn’t just about your logo- and that’s why I work to build out the full array of experiences someone can have with your business. Listed below are some of the services I offer. If there is something you need that isn’t listed or for more information about packages and pricing, hit me up and let’s get talking.




Brand Strategy
Logo Design + Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Squarespace Website Design
Print Design


The Brand Identity Process

Step 1: Discovery

Our Discovery process is when we dig deep and research. Our time is spent learning more about you, your business, where you’d like the business to go, and how you ended up here. All of this provides context and creates a solid foundation that ensures strength and longevity in the design concepts. Often the best ideas grow from the tiniest detail, so if we’re a little nosy it’s because we need to be.

Step 2: Brand Identity Design

Now it’s time to build. There are many components to creating a complete brand identity that work together to make you and your brand look really good: logo, brand mark, colour palette, typography, etc. And if all those phrases didn’t spark excitement in your loins, well you’ve definitely come to the right place because we are amped up just thinking about the possibilities. We want people to see your brand and have a reaction, so ensuring all the working parts of your brand’s identity are cohesive is integral.

Step 3: Beyond

We want your brand to look great and launch on the right foot, but helping you create a successful business with longevity will always be at the forefront of why we do what we do. Staying up to date and keeping your brand fresh is essential and is why we’re here to support you in ways beyond your launch. Whether it’s setting up a great looking Squarespace site, developing new marketing collateral, or event design - we love helping businesses we believe in grow.